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ABF The Soldiers Charity

Why does The Soldiers’ Charity exist? We are The Soldiers’ Charity. We give lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers and their families. They risk so much for us, but for them, it’s just doing their job. In return, we provide financial assistance when they are in real need. That’s what we’ve been here to offer for 70 years. How…

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Lance Corporal anemptytextlline Read More.. Corporal anemptytextlline Read More.. Sergeant anemptytextlline Read More..

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Sign up to our Sergeant package today to receive the full Operation Pegasus armoury; setting you out above the rest, an imposing force in the Defence Industry, an organisation operating at the highest level. With spectacular high definition video, striking product imagery, a platform to showcase your organisations finest products and a raft of downloadable content at your clients’ fingertips.…

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Give your organisation a commanding presence by signing up to our “full screw” package today. With an extended magazine of striking new features and an arsenal of downloadable content available to your customers, the Corporal package gives your company an enhanced presence on Operation Pegasus, further helping to promote your products and services and maximise potential business. The Corporal Package…

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Lance Corporal

Lance – The leading weapon in battle, first used as far back as 700BC. Utilised by kings and noblemen to lead an army into battle. Corporal – From the Italian phrase capo corporale meaning “head of a body” – leading a unit, commanding a section, leading from the front. Lead your business from the front by signing up to the…

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