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We are still serving members of the Military and we convert 20 litre Military Jerry cans into creative, stylish and most of all personable drinks cabinets.

You choose the colour, pattern or design that you like and then choose from our 6 unique layout designs the one that best suits your needs.

All of our cans can be fully customised, from colors to woods, from carbon fiber to tweed, from engraving to layouts. If its possible then we can make it happen.

Please check out our previous designs and future concepts on our website: www.army-bar-me.co.uk

Operation Pegasus Recommends

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This can has a cabinet with shelves and slots for port glasses, with a space for a decanter.

This is predominantly aimed at a Port decanter and used for military presentations. The option to have the can plated in Chrome or Copper is available.

This is the crème de la crème of ABM’s stock.
Designed to be the perfect talking piece in any gathering.

Perfectly at home in the regimental sergeant majors office ready for promotional drinks, or to be brought out after a good meal with friends to accompany some good cheeses.

This can oozes sophistication and crying out for any personal touches you might imagine.