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BeaverFit is a British institution of strength and conditioning equipment. We design, manufacture and distribute training equipment specific for strength and endurance development in all athletes, supplying equipment to crossfit gyms nationwide, the military, educational sector, rugby clubs, athletics clubs, rehabilitation centres and much much more.

Because we design and build all BeaverFit equipment ourselves and have a reputation for innovation, we are often asked to create bespoke training equipment to meet very specific needs. We may have to design around an odd shaped building or difficult access that does not cater for conventional gym equipment, or you may have an idea that takes gym equipment to another level. If you need specialist advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced staff can help bring you ideas to life.

Founder Tom Beaver is a dedicated athlete who’s run over 30 marathons, 10 ultra marathons and completed the world’s toughest triathlon – Enduroman’s Arch to Arc. Before his endurance days, Tom played rugby to a competitive level. Now as head designer and Managing Director, Tom leads the team using his vast experience to create the best functional fitness equipment and training for the tactical athlete.

Operation Pegasus Recommends



The Tactical Gym Box provides the benefits of functional fitness training but in a highly transportable format. It is compact enough to fit inside a Land Rover and can be set up and in use within 10 minutes of arrival. Designed for a Squad of 8-12, the TGB combines a basic FTR with supporting gym equipment and is available in Army and Lite models.




The locker is a fully functional gym on the move which can be used to train up to 180 people at any one time. It is fully compliant with road, rail and air transport and is incredibly secure and resilient. What’s more it can be set up and ready to use within 60 minutes of arrival.

We offer 4 locker options: FOB Lite, FOB10, FOB20 and the FOB40, providing training for up to 30, 60, 120 and 180 people respectively. All are fully stocked with the gym equipment you will need and full kit list for each model can be downloaded from this page. In addition we provide a free introductory training course with every locker and pre-deployment can arrange a specific program enabling you to get the most out of your locker before you to to theatre.

If you have any questions about the locker or would like us to bring our demonstration locker to your base so that you can test it out, please contact us.