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Centanex Ltd


Centanex Ltd

Centanex Ltd was established to meet the ever changing and increasing demands of Police and Military forces both in the UK and Internationally for high quality, accurate, safe and cost effective solutions. Including but not limited to research and development, concept design, prototyping, manufacturing, HSE (Explosives Inspectorate) CAD processing and ultimately product supply.

All products are designed, manufactured and supplied from within the United Kingdom, utilising effective supplier management protocols to ensure continuity and reliability of supply. The company is accredited to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 and is currently working towards BS-EN 27001 for information security, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 18001 for Health & Safety Management.

Our products have been specifically designed for Law Enforcement and Military use, both in operational and training formats. Our range and capability includes Distraction Devices (NFDDs), Smoke & Irritant deployment and 37/38mm & 40mm launched Grenades, Thunder-flashes & Maroons and Specialist Ammunition along with other bespoke product requirements.

The company is currently directly involved in the research and development of products for the military and police both in the United Kingdom and Internationally.

All products are manufactured in our purpose built facility in Lincolnshire utilising solely UK sourced and produced components and materials, providing you with the assurance that you will not be affected by ongoing currency fluctuations, excessive lead times & high shipping costs.

Specialist Ammunition

Our various ammunition capabilities include specialist 12 gauge rounds for door breaching and similar applications.
In addition Centanex manufactures under licence a number of specialist rounds including Bird Control Cartridges for the airport sectors and municipal waste sites.

Research & Development

Centanex is uniquely positioned to be able to undertake specialist Research & Development projects for the military, police or government and commercial organisations requiring a pyrotechnic or engineering solution to their requirements.
Specialist testing and proofing equipment alongside an experienced and dedicated development team, provide accurate test and evaluation data and the basis to progress projects within a highly structured enviroment.

Our Facilities

Centanex Ltd is based within a secure facility in North Lincolnshire employing appropriately vetted staff on a full time basis directly involved in the manufacture and supply of specialist pyrotechnic products. Our product range and capability includes distraction devices (NFDDs), irritant deployment products, smoke and launched 37mm and 40mm grenades, as well as high accuracy ammunition and other specialist products.

The company is directly involved in the research and development of products for the military and police both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Our head office and factory is based within a 1200 acre secure, Section 5, explosives manufacturing & storage facility approved by the UK Home Office and UK Health & Safety Executive (Explosives Inspectorate) Licence No: Lincolnshire 0477. This facility allows the company to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions and products for our clients within relatively short timescales as all resources required are held within one area.

Significant investment has been made in the past 5 years in regards of the testing and proofing apparatus used, allowing us to promptly respond to new and exsisting customer requirements. In addition to this the facility has both 75 metre and 210 metre indoor range capability, believed to be one of the longest in Europe and suitable for large calibre ammunition testing. The site also hosts secure magazine storage and high explosive firing clearance for up to 6kgs.

Operation Pegasus Recommends


CTX Ball Grenade


Dynamic / Tactical Entry Training
Single System Search Training
T66 Training Scenarios
Public order / Riot Situations

CTX-BG201 is a single burst Sound/Flash unit offering close to 360° of spread from its function point, making it extremely effective at delivering a wide variety of payload options to suit end user requirements.


Stinger / Rubber Balls
Marker Dyes
Irritant Deployment

The unit is available with a number of initial delay options ranging from 0.5sec to 2.0sec to suit customer requirements. Designed in conjunction with a number of UK Police Tactical Firearms units.


CTX Multi-Burst Distraction Device


Dynamic / Tactical Entry
Various Hijack / Hostage Recovery Situations
Anti Terrorist Operations

Our CTX Multi-Burst Distraction Device is for Police, Military and Private Security Sector use. The unit is available in several formats with options of 0.5sec and 1.0sec Delays and from 2 to 9 report functions.

Key features include:

Optional Sound Pressure Level Outputs
Green Flash Technology
Reduced obscuration/smoke signature
Limited movement upon function
No Projectile Hazard
Manufactured in the UK