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Cockerill™, the authority for integrated weapon systems on highly mobile armored vehicles

CMI Defence is the undisputed technological leader in multifunctional, high-effect weapon systems for light and medium weight armored vehicles. Independent from any and all vehicle manufacturers, CMI Defence:

  • designs and integrates gun turret systems for the entire 20 mm to 120 mm caliber range
  • provides customised technical and training assistance as well as innovative solutions relating to its weapon systems to improve their use and operational efficiency:
    • gun-launched anti-tank guided missiles (90 MP, 105 HP and 120)
    • gunner y and tactical training simulation systems (both turret-embedded and classroom)
    • provision of related services to optimise the integrated logistics of armed forces: support (on location or from a distance), training, maintenance, upgrading, documentation, spare parts, tools, etc.

This entire offer benefits from the cutting edge expertise of the CMI Defence teams in software, ballistic and mechatronic engineering.

Incarnating the very essence of the Cockerill™ brand, CMI weapon systems combine highly effective fire power with light weight to guarantee performance, mobility and protection for the crew. The Cockerill™ systems are modular and designed so that they can be upgraded to keep pace with the needs of their users, at moderate cost.

The innovative strength of CMI Defence anticipates the growing needs for versatility on the part of highly mobile armies. Its teams are constantly developing new solutions to improve the use of Cockerill™ systems throughout their life-cycle.