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Combat Shotgun

Combat Shotgun

The combat shotgun is used by the ‘point man’ of a section at close quarters within close country and complex terrain.

It allows the soldier to apply a quick rapid rate of fire over a large area using a variety of ammunition natures.

The Combat Shotgun is a semi-automatic, tubular magazine-fed weapon cambered for the 12 gauge cartridge.

The operating system is the ARGO (Auto-Regulating Gas Operated) Twin (two gas pistons) System with a rotating bolt head and dual locking lugs. It is fitted with an EOT tech sight for use day or night and a fixed iron sight. It has a telescopic buttstock. It can be fired from the conventional fire positions, except the squatting position.

Carried by the ‘point man’

The point man assumes the first and most exposed position in a combat military formation, that is, the lead soldier advancing through hostile territory. The term can refer to infantry or mechanized columns. The soldier, vehicle or unit ‘on point’ is frequently the first to take hostile fire. Point position is rotated periodically so as not to over stress an individual soldier or unit.

Range Solid shot: 130m / buckshot: 40m
Length 1010mm (extended buttstock) / 886mm (closed buttstock)
Weight 3.8kg
Magazine 7 cartridge
Calibre 12 gauge (18.4mm)