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Introduction to EXSEL dytecna

Dytecna originated in 1947 and from inception has demonstrated expertise in engineering with the efficient selection and procurement of military and off-the shelf equipment for integration into a wide range of bespoke systems. Solutions have been installed into tracked and wheeled vehicles, static and air-portable containers and other mobile infrastructure to suit special roles and environments.

In recent years this expertise has expanded to include the design and manufacture of training and simulation hardware, protection devices and equipment (including ballistic and electronic force protection control systems), condition monitoring / Health & Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and power distribution and control solutions for complex systems and generic architecture technology.

In March 2015 Dytecna became part of the Dynasystems group of companies and now trades as Exsel Dytecna Engineering Limited. Dynasystems is a global Force Protection Engineering specialist that manufactures a range of Blast & Ballistic mitigation products and systems.

EXSEL dytecna products and services


Exsel Dytecna provides design, manufacture and testing of software and electronic systems and offers proven expertise in Systems Engineering where reliability, safety and protection are paramount. Dytecna provide solutions for demanding customer needs where ruggedisation and extreme electronic and climatic environments are key user requirements. Complementary technical expertise includes power distribution and management solutions, machine to machine (M2M) communication devices and condition monitoring systems.

Condition Monitoring Solutions: Exsel Dytecna has a proven capability in the delivery of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) for mobile, remote or high value platforms subjected to severe operational use in extreme environments. Dytecna monitoring units have been adopted on an international basis and have been incorporated into military land vehicles and equipment, naval vessels and civilian trains – the equipment is equally applicable to telematics for civilian assets where operation with minimum downtime is essential.

Force Protection Control & Monitoring: Deployed troops continue to face frequent exposure to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Exsel Dytecna, working in close collaboration with defence organisations can contribute to their protection with the supply of consolidated control systems for electronic force protection equipment.

Platform integration

Exsel Dytecna’s platform integration capability includes the innovative design and build, certification and installation of electromechanical, electronic and communication systems into mobile platforms and container based solutions for rapid deployment and severe environment applications.

Specialist Vehicle Modification: The Exsel Dytecna Integration capability ranges across a wide variety of wheeled and tracked vehicles and trailers. Designs are tailored from user input and mission requirements, with a major concentration on reliability and ease of maintenance and operation.

Exsel Dytecna has provided the capability to bring a number of front line UOR vehicles up to a Theatre Entry Standard (TES) including the installation of communication and force protection installation kits and stowage provisions for tools, equipment and specific to role hardware.

Containers and Shelters: Exsel Dytecna specialise in the provision of high end technology integration for clients who demand the best protection for their people and hardware. Products include vehicle borne containers for the Defence industry, specialist units and departments of government, police and emergency services.

Exsel Dytecna cabin and shelter solutions can be designed to meet demanding weight requirements and can include the provision of power, data, fluids, air conditioning and protection.

Equipment Ruggedisation & Rapid Deployment Solutions: Exsel Dytecna specialises in the production of electromechanical and electronic assembly work particularly in the ruggedisation of commercial standard equipment for extreme operating environments.

Equipment ruggedisation can be provided packaged in off the shelf rapidly deployable transit/flight cases or bespoke to role fabricated case solutions.

Training and simulation devices

Exsel Dytecna training and simulation products deliver an authentic, controlled and repeatable training environment that permit in-service asset to remain available for operational duties. Training and simulation hardware mirror the form and function of the subject equipment and are considerably more robust in order to fulfil continuous use in the training environment. Devices include:

C-130 Hercules Fuselage Trainers. Provide a totally realistic, controlled and repeatable training environment. Devices have been designed for:

  • complex loadmaster training
  • aircrew and passenger familiarisation/egress emergency training
  • aeromedical evacuation and air ambulance crew training

Underwater Escape Trainers. Exsel Dytecna underwater escape training devices can be configured to replicate the interior configuration of the operational equipment, using space claims to provide accurate and realistic escape routes for amphibious, maritime or ditched aircraft training scenarios.

A400M Fuselage Part Task Trainer. The Exsel Dytecna A400M Part Task Trainer enables defence air movements training for operations including loading / unloading and restraint techniques, air despatch and parachute techniques. The device provides a full scale internal representation of the Airbus A400M Tactical Air Transport aircraft.

CH-47 Drills Trainer. The Exsel Dytecna designed Chinook CH-47 Trainer is a low fidelity, extremely versatile and mobile training environment. It replicates the exact size, form and space of the Chinook fuselage including the seats, lighting and ramp structure.

Ballistic protection equipment

With proven capability in designing bespoke ballistic protection solutions for customers in Defence, Government and Civilian Industry, Exsel Dytecna works closely with a number of partners to design, develop and install a variety of protection solutions including:

C-Shield: The C-Shield product portfolio provides a comprehensive range of ballistic protection systems delivering proven maritime force protection to both personnel and critical infrastructure.

C-Shield products are used in combination with body armour and helmets to provide gunners the most comprehensive protection available against small arms fire. C-Shield is in-service with the UK Royal Navy and can be tailored to the specific requirements of any vessel. Protection levels can be offered against a range of international or bespoke standards in a range of passive armour materials dependent upon end use.

CA2: The Dytecna Amphibious Armour Shield System (CA2) is a compact, lightweight and modular personal protection ballistic shield for amphibious use. Operators can conduct surface or subsurface insertions and can tactically deploy CA2 for protection in the water.

CA2 has been designed by divers for divers. The folding lightweight and buoyant shield delivers a new compact alternative that can be used proficiently in demanding operational conditions.


Robust support planning and implementation is fundamental to achieving solid through-life management and keeping costs to a minimum. Exsel Dytecna efficiently delivers through life support solutions that meet capability goals and minimise support risks and costs.

Supportability Engineering services include:

  • Planning, management and delivery of programme Supportability Engineering / Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
  • Expertise to supply technical documentation to all common specifications
  • Safety support and consultancy services
  • Design and delivery of training
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Through life maintenance of Safety Cases, Training Packages, Technical Documentation, etc.
Manufacturing SERVICES

The understanding of the processes, disciplines and infrastructure is essential for efficient and cost effective manufacturing. With over 50 years’ experience of specialist UK product manufacturing, Exsel Dytecna is well-regarded with a pedigree of delivery and quality in product and services and is a strong and reliable business partner.

Engaging Exsel Dytecna to manufacture your specialist product in an ISO accredited safety, environmental and quality environment brings many benefits to businesses of all types and our design, product and manufacturing innovation can in particular support the evolution of entrepreneurial UK and overseas product organisations.