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Javelin Anti-tank Weapon

Javelin anti-tank weapon

Javelin, the medium range anti-tank guided weapon replacement for Milan, is an enhanced version of the American weapon proven on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan by US forces.

The UK version has two significant enhancements – a more effective sight system and a tripod, for firing and observation. Javelin delivers longer range, greater lethality, significantly more powerful optics and a lighter load for the infantryman.

Although designed primarily to destroy tanks and light armoured vehicles, Javelin will also provide a potent, all-weather, day or night capability against fixed defences, such as bunkers and buildings.

The integrated sight allows theĀ operator to acquire the target, lock-on, fire and ‘forget’. This means that as soon as the missile is launched, the firer can acquire another target or move position. Javelin has a maximum range of 2500m, and overfly and direct attack modes of operation.

Javelin’s surveillance and target acquisition performance is better than all other passive, ground mounted, battlegroup surveillance systems.

Javelin is a crew-served weapon operated by a firer and a controller/observer. The controller/observer commands the weapon and assists with loading, identifying targets and battlefield damage assessment.