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About Operation Pegasus


Operation Pegasus The Military Equipment and Services Directory. A fusion of talents & an Elite International Organisation with many years first-hand experience in the British Army and corporate world.

We are the Defence Industries Military Equipment Directory

Our aim is to be the number 1 Defence Industry Directory and to help the organisations who are constantly moulding the way our armed forces go about their duties, to aid those pioneering new Military Equipment & technologies that keep our service men and women protected on a daily basis and to assist those working in collaboration with governments and military sectors to further defend our homeland.

Operation Pegasus is specifically designed to showcase your company’s products and services, strengthen your brands global exposure and allow you to discover new potential business opportunities. Our personally tailored client pages give you the ability to exhibit your company, products, recent news articles and product launches like never before, allowing end users and prospective customers to get in touch with you through our direct contact forms. The Military Equipment and Services that you work with matter and can help make a difference!

What We're About

A comprehensive and detailed listings tool designed to be used as a key point of reference in lead generation and help promote your company’s products or services.