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We are Pegasus Executive.

An elite international headhunting organisation with many years first-hand experience in the British Army and corporate world. This makes us the ideal partner in understanding your needs and requirements throughout many sectors on a global scale. We have a disciplined and precise approach to executive search and selection, resulting in our elite international headhunting organisation being able to screen and locate exceptional individuals specifically suited to your growing companies needs.


The Journey

Where we were…

I have been privileged to serve my country and my community both as a member of Her Majesties Armed Forces and as a Fire Fighter. This range of experience has given me the knowledge and confidence to enable me to form Pegasus Executive.

In forming Pegasus Executive I have drawn upon my training and experience not only from the military and the Fire service, but also from time spent as business consultant in executive search and selection.

Where we are…

Our reputation within the search and selection industry is unrivalled and our commanding global presence has set us aside from our competitors.

We now have even more to offer, spreading our wings to cover not just the military/defence arena but many others sectors, including Oil & Gas; Capital Equipment; PPE and Engineering.

Where we are going…

Our primary aim is to be one of the worlds leading headhunting organisations. Our direct yet professional techniques target and acquire the best possible individuals for your business.

In an industry that never stands still, we continue to enhance our contact base and candidate network in all industry sectors.


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James Heaton

Managing Director

Pegasus Executive is a business carved out of the ethics and professionalism of its owner and founder, James Heaton.

James began his career in the armed forces where he found discipline, professionalism and awareness are paramount. James is fully committed to having his company follow the Parachute regiment’s motto “Utrinque Paratus”- prepared for anything.