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Pelvic Protection System

Pelvic protection system

Delivered as an Urgent Operational Requirement and designed to mitigate the effects of explosions, the pelvic protection system balances protection with the necessary comfort and manoeuvrability for troops to undertake operations.Tier One: Worn as underwear, manufactured from scientifically-tested ballistic silk that provides an initial level of protection to mitigate against the effects of blasts, including shrapnel.

Tier Two: A second layer of detachable pelvic body armour, worn by troops when carrying out higher risk tasks outside the wire.

Tier Three: ballistic knee length shorts, designed for use by troops whose roles demand greater levels of protection on patrol – such as those operating the lead metal detector in teams searching for Improvised Explosive Devices.

Along with the first two layers of pelvic protection, Tier Three integrates with the rest of a soldier’s personal kit, which has now been redesigned specifically to be worn with body armour.

Personal Clothing System

Troops deploying to Afghanistan benefit from other upgrades as part of the new Personal Clothing System – a tougher, more comfortable and efficient combat uniform that can be easily adapted to suit the many different environments troops face on the front line.

As well as the pelvic protection, other new layers include a T-shirt, thermal shirt and windproof thermal smock, which take advantage of developments in material technology to provide both thermal insulation and sweat wicking.