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Permali is a privately owned company, established in 1937, which designs, specifies, tests, manufactures and integrates a wide range of passive ballistic, fragmentation and blast composite armour solutions, to counter a range of threat levels, for land, air and naval platforms.

Permali’s bespoke protection solutions are designed and supplied for both new build vehicles and upgrade solutions, and include appliqué armour, internal spall liners, moulded structures for blast protection, composite floor panels as well as thermal and acoustic insulation panels. Permali also design and supply composite stanchion and net systems for naval ship decking, as well as being the sole UK applicator for an innovative ‘spray on’ self sealing fuel tank coating for land platforms.

Permali’s in-house manufacturing capabilities include impregnation of various fabrics, press laminating of flat panels (including high pressure pressing), composite moulding, CNC machining, waterjet cutting and Tufshield® polyurea spray coating.  All of these capabilities are provided under one roof, together with extensive in house design, test and R&D capabilities.