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Plasan designs, develops, manufactures and integrates survivability solutions to offer tactical superiority even in the most challenging missions.

With three decades of experience designing more than 150 armored hulls, and delivering more than 30,000 armor solutions to armed forces and security organizations worldwide, Plasan demonstrates a unique capability of understanding battlefield challenges, and translating the operational needs into high-end protection solutions.

With a comprehensive and creative approach to vehicle protection and armor vehicles, Plasan’s expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and system integration has been a major differentiator for our customers and partners. The company offers a comprehensive solution for an optimal balance of performance, and maximal survivability and safety.


Plasan’s unique triple expertise in automotive, protection and system integration is strongly backed by its ability to serve as a one-stop shop for our customers. Plasan offers a wide range of advanced in-house skills and facilities, and it is one of the few companies in the market, which has R&D, design, simulations, ballistic and blast facilities and laboratories, as well as manufacturing capabilities, all under one roof.
Plasan’s engineers are unique in terms of their military backgrounds and hands-on experience. They bring to the product design process unique insights to soldiers’ needs in combat, which are then translated into hundreds of design and production decisions.

The broad range of capabilities offered by Plasan significantly lowers cost of development and production, while offering fast delivery of solutions, a major advantage for defense and security missions.

As battlefields and homeland security situations pose more challenges, Plasan continuously develops smart solutions that match the current and projected threats faced by security forces all over the world in an agile and cost-effective way


Plasan’s extensive experience in composite materials provides lightweight solutions with heavyweight protection. The company works with many major OEMs and has a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation that helps armed forces, homeland security as well as police forces complete their mission.

Our solutions: 

Ballistic protection

Plasan expertise in materials, ballistics and vehicle design deliver armor solutions that can meet a wide spectrum of threat and weight requirements. We provide high protection, lightweight armor solutions for wheeled and tracked vehicles without limiting vehicle mobility or performances.

Blast & IED protection

Plasan’s blast protection solutions for armored vehicles are designed to protect against a variety of threats, such as landmine blasts and IED (Improvised Explosive Devices).

Plasan’s solutions protect not only the vehicle and teams manning it, but also provide optimized survivability for crewmembers by forming several layers of protection.

RPG Protection

Hybrid SlatFence bar armor – A lightweight, flexible composite bar armor that taps unique technology to protect against even the newest RPGs. The Hybrid SlatFence’s defense mechanism uses a conducive metal that creates an electrical short circuit between an RPG’s warhead cones.

FlexFence RPG-7 defeat armor –  FlexFence takes advantage of conducive metal to short circuit warhead cones, providing high survivability protection and weighing just 25% of traditional steel bar armor.

Operation Pegasus Recommends



One Vehicle, Multiple Solutions

Guarder is a high performance 4X4 armored vehicle designed for enhanced SWAT mobility, carrying up to 24 troops with STANAG 3 armored protection. Built on a MAN 4X4 chassis, Guarder’s turning radius and maneuverability allow it to operate effectively in all terrains, including city street, tough terrain, flooded areas and more. The Guarder is equipped with advanced protection equipment: fire protection systems, chemical attack protection and navigation, observation and driving systems, C2 and non-lethal systems for riot control and dispersion.
Guarder is fit for military and peacekeeping operations, homeland security, border patrol, SWAT and police forces. Created with high modularity and total flexibility in mind, GUARDER supports a wide range of missions, including:
• Armored troop carrier – carries 24 soldiers
• Mobile command and control vehicle
• Urban and rural police operations including crowd control and riot prevention
• Homeland security and SWAT operations
• Surveillance vehicle for borders and remote areas
• Anti-terrorism and organized crime activities
• Bomb Disposal Response Vehicle


Blast & IED protection

Plasan’s blast protection solutions for armored vehicles are designed to protect against a variety of threats, such as landmine blasts and IED (Improvised Explosive Devices). Plasan’s solutions protect not only the vehicle and teams manning it, but also provide optimized survivability for crewmembers by forming several layers of protection.

Plasan’s armor solutions keep troops safe and sound with features such as a belly deflector that curtails vehicle deformation, energy attenuation seats with a double-action mechanism that mitigates post-impact damage and proprietary foot pads that protect troops’ tibia.

• Terra™ energy-attenuating seats for any armored vehicle, including light-wheeled and tracked-armored vehicles, and APCs. The TERRA line is part of the Plasan Mine Protection Kit, which provides increased protection for the crew against blasts and IED events. Extensively tested, it features high performance protection, advanced ergonomics and unparalleled flexibility at a competitive price.

• T-BAR™ energy-absorbing foot pad. It can absorb up to 70% of the force generated by an IED or mine blast and reduce lower leg injuries. The pads are modular and can easily fit multiple vehicle configurations.
RPG Protection


SandCat 4x4 Multi Mission Armored Vehicle

SandCat, Plasan’s family of 4X4 armored vehicles, offers the flexibility and robustness needed for every defense and security mission. The sandCat is an optimal, all-mission utility vehicle that was created with the best of Plasan’s modern engineering and technologies . The SandCat has been in the field for more than 10 years and is operating in more than 15 countries.

As battlefields and home land security (HLS) situations today pose more challenges, SandCat addresses these challenges for diverse operational needs and missions, as it is designed to carry a spectrum of different payloads, making it fully operational in a multitude of today’s most challenging scenarios, threats or other rapidly evolving situations supporting a wide range of missions including: law enforcement, special forces, peacekeeping, homeland security, border patrol and armed conflict.

The SandCat’s advanced lightweight composite armor provides up to STANAG Level 3 protection without adding to the vehicle’s GVW or compromising its outstanding performance.

Visit: www.sandcat-stormer.com