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A full service procurement and logistics company. We specialize in locating and sourcing hard to find equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands of our end users. Our procurement teams handle projects with hundreds of line item requirements, streamlining the purchasing process for our customers and simplifying their job by offering them one point of contact at one company.

TPG offers a complete, seamless outsourced solution designed to meet your exact procurement needs. Our company is an established and major distributor for hundreds of brands used by Private Security and MIL/LE operators around the world. The dollar volume of business we do with these manufacturers allows us to obtain the best possible pricing and preferential product allocation, which we then pass along to our customers.

Many procurement departments handle hundreds of requests on a daily basis. This process can become overwhelming, where buyers are interacting with tens of suppliers and managing 1000’s of requirements. Our team can assit in every step of the way, offering competitive pricing as well as valuable input on product availabilty and lead times from every possible manufacturer.

Here are some recent examples:

Our US customer received an immediate request from the US Department of State to deploy 120 persons within 15 days to increase the security/safety presence at a US Embassy located overseas in a “hotspot”. The customer came to us with a 200+ CLIN request and asked us “How fast can you get this on the ground?”

Within 5 days we were staging gear at our warehouse, and within 12 days our freight forwarder was moving product into country. Our US operations manager flew directly from Miami to Dubai to oversee the rapid turnaround directly while our crews in the UAE worked through the weekend to ensure a swift and 100% accurate delivery.

In a similar example, a customer received an urgent request from the field to obtain ballistic products which were ordered and promised by another supllier, but had never been delivered. 75 days later, the end user was still waiting for the original 1,000 ballistic helmets, 1,000 ballistic vests, and 2,000 ballistic plates. The problem; troops were deploying within the week, and needed mission critical gear.

We rerouted the items in the UAE from a current delivery within 4 hours, and within 12 hours the products were on the truck and being delivered to the customer in Africa. As a trusted distributor for many brands, TPG enjoys the agnostic position of being able to offer the customer an unbiased opinion of which products are best suited for their needs.