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TYM-logoTampa Yacht Manufacturing

Incorporated in 2006, Tampa Yacht Manufacturing LLC (TYM) has seen consistent sales growth each and every year since.

Based on the highly successful TEMPEST Fast Interceptor Craft of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s Tampa Yacht Manufacturing builds a full line of state of the art military and Para-military craft for coastal defense.

In part TYM owes its success to the unique high-tech composite construction applying advanced carbon and aramid fabrics and high strength hybrid polyester and epoxy polymers. TYM’s ‘Battle Ready’ products offer superior strength, high performance and extended life cycle. Each of TYM’s vessels is designed, engineered and custom crafted to be “mission specific”.

Included in our stable are craft in the 9 to 11 meter length, engineered to provide economical and highly effective harbor and near shore defense and law enforcement solutions.  These smaller craft are equipped and outfitted to each customer’s specific need, with options that include inflatable and foam filled collars, ballistic protection, complete electronic and navionics suits and are available in petrol or diesel power in a multitude of propulsion configurations.

TYM offers several mid-size craft from 12 to 15 meters, each of which are designed to be aggressive, robust high performance craft engineered for interception, interdiction and take-down of high speed craft. All TYM craft can be fitted with varying threat levels of ballistic protection, fixed and remote operated weapons platforms for LMG and HMG, custom configured C4ISR and/or customer specified electronics suits and sensor suites, or COTS (Common Off The Shelf) electronics.  All TYM craft are available with shock mitigating seating and ‘in-seat’ joy-stick controls and multi-function operations all of which make them highly effective defensive and offensive assets.

TYM also offers larger size craft from 15m to 20m, all of which allow for over the horizon operations for extended distance and duration. Include in the line-up are ‘surge team’ craft capable of operating in littoral waters, conducting amphibious landing in remote areas of operation and supporting force protection for amphibious assault groups. TYM craft offer high speed, shallow water capabilities in open bays, river and delta waters or offshore over the horizon sustainable operations in elevated sea-states

The hallmark of Tampa Yacht Manufacturing is our ability custom configuration multi-mission demands meeting each of our customer’s unique requirements. All TYM craft can be fitted with a variety of power-train and propulsion options, including diesel powered water-jets, surface-drives, tunnel-drives, stern-drives and conventional shaft drives, or petrol powered outboard and stern-drive power options.  TYM offers and supplies multi threat level custom fitted ballistic protection for wheel house, crew quarters and machinery spaces, Remote Operated Weapons Systems, and advanced electronics and surveillance systems.  TYM ensures an exact and precise matching of each craft with equipment, features and benefits that offers the state of the art performance, quality and reliability, while extending the customers budget requirements and ensuring an L1 (lowest bid) basis tender.

This balance of high quality, fit and function, delivered at the best value and price, have enable our full range of patrol and interceptor craft to succeed in the international market.

TYM is heavily committed to Research and Development (R&D) and constant improvement. In this way TYM is meeting the demands of the challenging and, changing requirements in combating the threats of world-wide terror organizations.

TYM is the leader in the development of new methods for the deployment of high strength ballistic protection in all our craft, easily repaired and replaced, at the lowest cost.  Our unique ‘batt-in-place’ (BIP) installation and integration system for ballistic materials permit TYM to offer ballistic protection in craft where it was formerly too expensive or too difficult to effectively install.  TYM continues to develop new effective manufacturing methods, and employs new advanced hybrid materials into our craft.

At our core, TYM is a high-tech custom composite fabricator who continually strives to develop new methods to improve quality, reliability, durability, and reduce the cost of our craft.  These R&D efforts include the use and development of vacuum assisted close molding systems, as well as the deployment of new and advanced materials, including nano-enhanced materials and resins, and hybrid fibre systems. TYM designs, and fabricates all of our specialized tooling, molds and patterns in house. TYM has a large inventory of high value tooling assets which allow us to respond with rapid prototype development faster and shorter delivery schedules.

The re-investment back into R&D efforts continues to advance our ability to offer the highest performing coastal defense systems at the best value, with a winning L1 (lowest price) strategy.

TYM recognizes the world economic constraints with world wide defense budgets tightening; we are seeing large navies reallocate resources closer to home.  Smaller nations who previously benefited from the presence of larger nation navies are now rethinking the defense situation, as these larger navies plan to vacate.  Smaller nations are now making serious plans for their own defense and these plans include a significant coastal element.

We are working with our customers to help develop requirements, and offer common off the shelf solutions which can enable them to rapidly deploy coastal defense solutions, including larger interceptor craft, medium size coastal craft, and smaller port security craft.

The dual threats of Global Terrorism and Piracy continue to present significant challenges to nations, and world commerce.  The world economy also continues to struggle with slow economic growth, and since May, the nations of EU have struggled to find an economic solution.  The world needs strong coastal defenses and the ability to enforce the law in coastal and open ocean waters, while national defense budgets continue to shrink under the need for fiscal restraint.

We believe that this opens opportunities for TYM to leverage our unique ability to supply sophisticated, state of the art craft patrol craft, offered at the most economical price.  We’ve accomplished this by applying high rate production manufacturing techniques to our custom and semi-custom military craft solutions.  This continues to enable TYM to win worldwide tenders on a low cost bidder basis against a strong field of worldwide competitors. We expect that in the market for coastal high speed patrol craft will grow exponential and from this rapid growth we will experience growing competition.  Our intention is to continue to drive our costs down in every way possible, retain and increase our high level of quality.

As the world’s oceans, rivers, lakes and water regions continue to increase in military significance, when seen under the perspective of the current geopolitical environment.  The operators of the world’s major bluewater navies are under incredible financial pressure today to scale back operations and return to waters closer to home, and this opening the avenue for new naval hegemony in areas like the Arabian Gulf.  Further, the continued political instability in Middle East that began with the Arab spring, both in the GCC area, as well as in Mediterranean has laid bare the meagre or non-existent coastal defenses.  Radical elements of such nations in transition may attempt to take hold, and may attempt to import or export terrorism, piracy or other illegal acts by way of littoral or coastal waters. The continue world financial instability could lead to future political instability for nations throughout the world.  All of these factors contribute to the increasing need for state-of-the-art global coastal defense.

In an effort to level the technological playing field to all who are threatened by worldwide terrorist organizations. TYM is positioned to offer Technology Transfer to in-country manufacturers for self-sustaining littoral protection.

In this environment, we believe that TYM is well suited to provide complete coastal defense solutions with custom configured, highly reliable, proven coastal defense craft and logistics/lifecycle support system of maintenance services and spares supply, offered on a winning L1 basis.

Operation Pegasus Recommends



Fast Attack Craft


  • LOA (Max) – 53′ (16.15 m)
  • BEAM SHEAR MAX – 14′ 8-1/2″ (4.43 m)
  • DEADRISE – 16.4 degrees
  • WEIGHT (Lightship) – 31,000 lbs (14,000kg)
  • DRAFT – 2′ 6″ (0.76 m)
  • STD ENGINE – T/S MAN R6-800
  • STD HP – 1600 hp (1193 kw)
  • FUEL CAPACITY – 600 Gal. (2271 L)
  • PERSONS CAPACITY – 16 Dedicated Seats
  • SPEED, FULL LOAD – 45.0 kts (51.75 mph)
  • RANGE, FULL LOAD – 450 nm at Cruise


  • Carbon fiber reinforced all-composite construction
  • Navionics including chart plotter, WAAS GPS, 4KW Radar
  • Dedicated seating for 16 crew
  • NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection
  • Weathertight ballistic protected forward & aft entry doors
  • Designed & built to class; RINAMIL Fast Patrol Vessels
  • Waterjet propulsion for shallow water operations
  • Dual remote powered searchlights, fore, & aft flood lights


  • Arneson Surface Drive performance package
  • Autopilot with joystick steering
  • Bowthruster with joystick control
  • Triple Cummins QSB 480hp / Yanmar 480 available
  • Diesel Generator or 12VDC inverter
  • Air conditioned cabin
  • Weapon mounts, fore and aft
  • Exhaust muffler & sound insulation
  • Windlass with remote control
  • Integrated bow landing ramp for rapid deployment
  • NIJ Level III ballistic protection


SWAT Patrol Craft


  • LOA ……………………………… 36′ 2″ (11.02 m)
  • BEAM SHEAR MAX ……….. 8′ 11″ (2.71 m)
  • DEADRISE ……………………. 25 degrees
  • WEIGHT (Lightship) ……….. 13,150 lbs (5.96 mt)
  • PAYLOAD (Pers + Gear) …. 3,000 lbs (1.36 mt)
  • DRAFT …………………………. 2′-6″ (0.76 m)
  • STD ENGINE ………………… T/S Yanmar 6LPA
  • STD HP ………………………… 630 hp (470 kw)
  • FUEL CAPACITY …………… 250 Gal. (946 L)
  • PERSONS CAPACITY …… 12 dedicated seats
  • SPEED, FULL LOAD ……… 35.0 kts. (40.27 mph)
  • RANGE, FULL LOAD …….. 245 nm at 35 kts.

35 SPC Key Features

Carbon fiber reinforced all-composite construction |
Navionics including chart plotter, WAAS GPS, 4KW Radar |
Seating for 2 crew 8,10 passenger embark team |
NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection |
Weathertight ballistic protected forward & aft entry doors |
Designed & built to class; RINAMIL Fast Patrol Vessels |
Waterjet propulsion for enhanced shallow water capability |
Dual remote powered searchlights, fore 8, aft flood lights |
Yanmar 6LP 315hp

Available Options

High performance Arneson surface-piercing propellers |
Joystick steering & bowthruster |
Curninins OSB 480hp / Yanmar 480hp perf. package |
Outboard power engines with transom bracket |
Diesel generator or 12VDC inverter |
Air conditioned cabin |
Additional weapon mount aft, 7.62mm MMG |
Exhaust muffler & sound insulation |
Bow landing ladder for forward beach deployment |
Trailer, Heavy duty |
NVIS compatible lighting